True Blue Charmer

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You Never Know What I'll Bring Home

Went to pick up some prescriptions today, and came home with four chickens! Hahaha just couldn't resist! While waiting for the pharmacy to get things ready with my daughters inhaler, we decided to go to the farm stand. Well, they had some chickens for sale! We recently ordered some chicks, which will come in May. But it takes so long to get that first egg, so we've talked about possibly getting some chickens that are closer to laying. These should start within the next two to four weeks. Yay! Nothing like fresh eggs! The kids are excited, and trying to think of chicken names! Haha. Any suggestions?


Larslyan said...

Funny! Ross and Raelene have chicks also. I hope I am getting weekly egg deliveries soon. :)

Kim said...

Nothing like fresh eggs:) We will have them coming out our ears when the chicks start laying too!