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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ask How You Can Be Used

Sunday we heard a wonderful message from the pulpit. It was a message that contained a great testimony of a great man of God. He is an elderly man in our congregation. His zest for all things of the Lord is such an encouragement. He told of the things that God has done in his life over the many decades of walking with Him. He challenged us all to find out what God wants us to do for Him, and to DO IT!
He said that when we accept Christ, that is just the first step in our walk. Many stay at this step, and never see what it is the Lord has for us. We may be saved, and go to heaven, but there is so much more tat God wants to do through us, if we just ask Him to show us and to use us.
I loved his analogy. He said to picture $1,000.00 sitting on the table in front of us. When we are saved, it is like getting $100.00. God wants to give us the other $900.00, and it's free for the asking . . . . but you have to ask to receive it. There's more to our walk . . . and that more, is the other $900.00! Ask what we can do, ask how we can be used. Don't be satisfied with just $100.00, when God wants you to have $1,000.00!
I know I didn't explain it as well as he did! I know hearing the life of this man, and the strong faith he has, was such a moving testimony. What God had done for him, and seeing how faithful he has been to look for the things of God. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. Even my husband said he doesn't remember the last time he was so moved to weep by a speaker.
It's amazing how many are satisfied to just sit in their pews, and not grow and want to serve on a deeper level.
He told us that the best way he can sum up the Christian walk to someone is "IT WORKS." He would hold up his Bible and say again and again, after each struggle, after each blessing, God was always there for him and "It works".
Don't be content to accept your $100.00 and tread water the rest of your life. Ask what God wants you to do, ask how you can be used. Otherwise, you will never know what you missed out on ~ the amazing things God wanted you to do. Be a vessel ~ one that is willing to overflow and touch others!

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