True Blue Charmer

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pantry Organizing

When we got home from vacation, I walked into my pantry and realized that it had become an unorganized mess! (Not from the teens left home, but my busyness!) I had lots of containers and baskets, but nothings seemed in order anymore. I also decided that the plastic containers I was using weren't the healthiest things. The more I read about plastic food storage, the less I like. Sometimes the food takes on the smell of the plastic. So, I decided glass would be in order. Of course I didn't realize at the time what glass jars would cost! Yikes! I guess it's not the glass jars as much as it is the fact that I have lots of things that need containers!

I put everything that went into containers on one side. The other shelves are still canned goods, etc, and I didn't take pics of those shelves. These show some of the plastic containers and baskets beforehand.

Love the look of the glass! Need a few more, but we're almost there!


Larslyan said...

Wow! Looks good. I need to do that.

Kim said...

Thanks! Feels good!