True Blue Charmer

Monday, April 25, 2011

Give Thanks . . . With a Grateful Heart

151. The sun shining and the Son Shining ~ on Easter Morning

152. Our son is home from S.C.

153. A great cantata at my Mom's church ~ beautiful music and video presentations~ a wonderful sermon, and seeing lots of friends

154. A visit with friends in the afternoon, and dinner with all the kids and their friends

155. To see Benjamin so excited that his goats each had twins. I must admit, they are pretty cute when they are little!

156. Going for a much needed massage tomorrow! Praying it helps my sciatica!

157. Pondering and reading and hearing the story of what Christ did for us ~

158. My coffee on such a gray day


Josh and Kelly said...

Yes! the sun on easter- so beautiful! and symbolic! i noticed it too! great list!

Kim said...

Thank You:)