True Blue Charmer

Monday, April 11, 2011

Give Thanks . . . . With a Grateful Heart

123. A day shopping with a friend ~ lunch ~ prayer ~ conversation

124. A warm day today . . . . maybe 80?? Yes!!!

125. Deer and turkeys on the front lawn ~ always marvel at God's creation

126. New paint and a bright new living room

127. Friends and family who call when they need to be lifted up in prayer ~ and will do the same for you

128. Some relief from my sciatica

129. Good sleep

130. Maria's cochlear implant surgery went well, now praying for her gallbladder complications

131. My morning coffee today (and everyday) tastes so good

132. A word from Steve yesterday and a good reminder. We are here for God's business. Be sure people see Him in you. He will always give you what you need, to do what He wants you to do.

133. A patient husband

134. The kids so excited about a new puppy ~ and hubby enjoying it just as much

135. After seeing a loved one struggle, and encouraging her, the reminder that we aren't meant to be supermoms and have to be honest when we can't "do it all"

136. A quiet Sunday spent home after church. Nowhere to be, nothing to distract.

137. The excitement of my daughter planning her birthday party

138. Remembering the following song, and really listening to the words and taking them to heart . . . . and sharing it with someone who is struggling, and both rejoicing . . .

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