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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Coupon Chief ~ Where Saving Money is Easy!

Today I am reviewing a wonderful site that I've discovered ~ "Coupon Chief". (

I am fairly new to couponing, but I found this site extremely easy to navigate and full of amazing deals. It is set up in a very user~friendly way and I was amazed at the coupons they have available. I loved the fact that you can search by category. I think people new to couponing don't realize the deals that you can get on such a wide range of items, and you can find any category on this one, simple site! There are literally thousands of coupon codes on the site! It's very convenient and easy to use, and all on one site from the comfort of your home.

I was so excited to find a coupon for Lowe's on their main page, for 10 percent off! We are working on spring home improvement projects, and this was perfect. They even have a category for "Home Decor" that I am finding useful in my redecorating!

I also found a great coupon for Joann's Fabrics for 50% off any regular priced item. This is useful in purchasing fabric for new drapes for my project.

Be sure to watch out for the expiration dates on each coupon, as I found that a few of them had expired already. Compared to other similar sites, their coupon codes tend to be more updated, but you still need to watch the dates.

Another great feature of the site, is the ability to upload coupons that you have found on-line. It's called their "Pays-2-Share" program, and you can be compensated each time a coupon is used. It is a free service offered, and is a great feature that makes their site different from most other coupon sites.

I think Coupon Chief is a site that anyone would find useful, especially during these economic times when saving money is extra important for our families. I hope you agree!

Be sure to check them out on Twitter and Facebook as well!

**Disclosure–I was offered compensation to share Coupon Chief with you. I was not told what to say and gave an unbiased review of their site. And yes, I will be using it myself when shop online. It is now in my "favorites"!**

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