True Blue Charmer

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Things I'm Learning

1. Those who love you and care about you want the best for you. Those who aren't happy in their own lives cannot be happy for you either.

2. People in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones. I don't judge you or how you raise your family, so please don't hold our ways against us! If we are striving to walk in the ways of the Lord, and growing in the Lord, we are at least on the right track. Holding accountable is one thing, and pointing out when walking away from the Lord as well, but pure judgement because we do things differently from you isn't necessary.

3. My husband is such a tremendous earthly blessing. It is such a blessing to have a loving, Godly man in my life.

4. I love my kids but they do belong the the Lord first of all ~ I have to remind myself that.

5.Ok, so a barracuda isn't a land animal. Sounded like a wild cat. Hmmmmmm. Momentary lapse of brain function.

6. I don't hate working out as much as I thought I did.

7. Stay in the Word, Stay in the Word, Stay in the Word.

8. Trust and Obey ~ For there's no other Way!

9. People don't like to mind their own business. And to those people, your business always seems to be their business.

10. Contentment is such a huge blessing and I thank the Lord for it!

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