True Blue Charmer

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amish Farmers Market

We went to this market today and bought some fruits, jams and jellies, and delicious PIES:) (We also visited two beaches . . . pictures later.)
I am hoping the two quarts of strawberries we purchased will help in balancing out the effects of almost two weeks of vacation that has really destroyed the numbers on my scale! The scale was down over five pounds the day we left. I have no doubt that it's up that, and probably more. Oh well, vacation only happens once a year! And the Key Lime Pie was AMAZING! These pies were Amish~made, and I liked it 100 times better than the other pie we had last week.

I think this had to be the best ever Key Lime Pie. Creamy, smooth, rich. Oh so good!


Larslyan said...

Looks so good! I will take one of each please. :)

Kim said...

Sooooooo good:) Ben picked the Blackberry Pie and loved it:)