True Blue Charmer

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Give Thanks . . . With a Grateful Heart

96. Sunshine and over 80 degrees every day of vacation so far

97. Collecting shells on the sand bar with flashlights

98. Watching the dolphins dance in the gulf

99. Aloe . . . . :)

100. The gorgeous moon last night, and the amazing sunrises and sunsets over the Gulf

101. Testimonies of lives turned to Christ

102. Missing church back home today, but seeing God in so many ways ~ the sun, the moon, the beautiful creation He has made all around us ~ The fingerprints of God

103. Texts from the boys back home and the younger kids being so excited to hear from their big brothers

104. Riding bikes around town

105. Meeting people and making connections

106. Creating memories

107. Morning walks on the beach

108. The sound of the ocean lapping the shore

109. "He alone is my Rock and my Salvation" ~

110. Miracles in the aftermath of the disaster in Japan

111. Remembering that He is in control ~