True Blue Charmer

Monday, May 2, 2011

Give Thanks . . . With a Grateful Heart

159. Sunny skies

160. Pretty pink cherry blossoms on my weeping cherry tree

161. Lunch at Kimball's after church with family and friends

162. A reminder to keep your eyes on Jesus

163. Celebrating Benjamin and his 15th birthday

164. Lunch with Mummu and seeing her so thrilled

165. A clean car

166. The Greatest of these is LOVE ~ love, love, love people. Show the love of Christ!

167. Ideas and new ventures

168. Ice cream out with hubby and kids

169. Our troops and the sacrifices that they make daily

170. A phone call from hubby on his lunch break ~ just to chat

171. Friends stopping by for a visit

172. Bleeding hearts in blossom

173. Sweet notes in the mailbox

174. Encouraging words

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