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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tapping Day

Hubby and Ben went out today and tapped the maples. I love this season! It means that spring is almost here:) I can't wait till we get enough sap to fire up the evaporator for the first time this year! Love to make pancakes and enjoy the first golden syrup of the year.
It makes for a lot of late nights boiling at the sugar house, but it's always been fun. Sitting there by the fire chatting and relaxing, and lots of people stop by to visit and see how it works.
When the kids were little, they would bring their sleds to the sugarhouse with them and enjoy sledding wtih dad. When they got cold, they would go inside the sugar house and chop wood for the fire or dad would teach them to whittle.
My uncle Dana, who has now passed away, would visit us for hours our there. He would show up with a cup of black coffee and hold it under the evaporator spout and add some syrup to it.
Lots of wonderful memories!

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