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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Living a Legacy for Christ

My maternal Grandmother ~ Grandma Stacy, was probably one of the biggest influences in nurturing my faith and my walk with Jesus.  She did not have an easy life, but she was always "real", positive, and loved Jesus and shared her love for Him and what He had done in her life with everyone she could.
When I was 8 she brought me to her Vacation Bible School with her.  It is there that I was led to Christ by her pastor.
Grandma Stacy has since gone on to be with the Lord.  I miss her daily.  I miss picking up the phone to chat. She always answered with such a melodious hello and ended with the same melodious goodbye.  I can see her sitting in her chair listening to her Christian music with her eyes closed like she was picturing heaven, and her hand and foot tapping to the tune.
On Sunday, her Pastor and his wife visited our church.  I was able to bring the tiny Bible that I was given by him that day I asked Jesus into my heart.  My sweet hubby snapped a quick picture of us.
Feeling blessed!

In His Love ~ Kim
"With Jesus in Her Heart, and Coffee in Her Cup" 

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