True Blue Charmer

Friday, August 9, 2013

Thoughts on a Gray Friday ~

Beauty from ashes.
Time keeps passing.
Hearts hurting from time lost.
Hearts happy for new beginnings.
Distance can hurt.
Memories bring joy.
Life keeps rolling, like the swift waves on the rocks. Crashing up , breaking, and beginning again.
Time marches on, like the beat of a drum.
In unison with our hearts.
And He is there, to lift us up, to clean the mud and the mire from our lives.
Clinging to Him, we move forward, one hesitant step at a time.
Wishing to set back the clock, knowing we can't.
Praying for time to slow, for days missed to return again.
Hearts overflowing, like the tears that well up with our thoughts.
Holding on to the hope of tomorrow.
Thankful for the gift of today.
Not regretting the past.
But longing to make up time lost ~
Days missed.
Knowing that He is there.
In the midst of each longing and thought.
He is faithful to restore and renew.
Rejoicing in hope.
Constant in prayer.

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