True Blue Charmer

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Out With the Old . . . .

We've been talking about replacing our upstairs hallway carpet for about three years now. Last weekend we finally did it! I love the look, and the hall feels so much bigger now. I spent Monday painting the walls. I did the same color as my family room. My husband was surprised that I got away from the earth tones. I love the color, though it is hard to see in these pictures!

Our old berber carpet. It was ready to be replaced! 12 years and four kids ~ long overdue!

The hallway before. Had a beige color on the walls.

The new floor is down. Thanks, honey!

In the process of painting. Not my favorite job, but I did it!

The finished product . . . . clean and bright and fresh! Now to decide what to hang on the walls:) Maybe more pictures to come:)


Larslyan said...

Looks great!

Kim said...

Thanks! Feels clean now;) And crazy how much brighter and bigger hall seems. Wish true paint color would come through in the picture.