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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Amazement ~ or Treasure?

"God never amazes us for amazement's sake. There is always something in it to treasure. Amazement doesn't change us . . . what's the message behind it that He is trying to give you?" Beth Moore.

This is one of the quotes from Beth this past weekend. I thought it was really profound. I am amazed all the time . . . the sight and sound of the ocean waves crashing on shore. The beautiful sunrise or sunset. The birth of a child. The changing of the colors on the trees, glowing in the autumn sunshine. All of these things can stop me in my tracks and make me marvel. Amazed! But what is the message in the beauty that He is trying to show us?
Beth reminded us that amazement doesn't change us. . . . it is a fleeting feeling. It is the treasure in what we are amazed at, that makes it into our hearts and gives us a treasure, a message. Look for a treasure, because THAT is something to wrap your heart around.
This is just one point out of the pages and pages of notes that I wrote last weekend, but something that I was pondering this morning.

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