True Blue Charmer

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Deja Vu

Yesterday morning I was upstairs when i heard a huge, loud crash downstairs. I thought possible a large picture fell of the wall, or maybe the basement door slammed shut from the wind.
I went to investigate and found nothing. When I got to the kitchen and looked out the slider, this is what I found.

Apparently the wind sucked the open umbrella out of the table, in the process, shattering the glass table. Sigh. At least the slider was open, maybe the glass on that would of shattered from the flying umbrella. This was a spare table I had bought years ago. Looks like I will be searching for one with TILE on top:)


Larslyan said...

Oh no! Well now you can get new patio furniture to go with your gazebo furniture. :)

Kim said...

My hubby may not be as thrilled to be getting more new furniture! lol