True Blue Charmer

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wonderful Friday

Had a special day today. Went to Pickity Place for lunch with some very sweet ladies. It was delicious and we had lots of great conversation and laughs! And it was a beautiful, sunny day. Spent the afternoon with the kids, and the evening out to dinner with hubby.

This evening, Mummu called and asked me to come down to her house. I got there and found her in the dining room. She had made me a fresh Nisu for my birthday. She said it's early, but she has to do it when she feels good:) She is 91 and still makes amazing food!
She also gave me some slides that she searched for, with my seventh birthday, and my seventh Easter, as well as one of my riding my bike when I was little. She said it's definitely something no one else would give me. And she is right! Special memories!
She also gave me some beautiful Irises from her garden. So sweet. Love you lots, Mummu!


Larslyan said...

What a great day! Love the sweet card :)

Kim said...

Yes, she is a sweetie:) Minus the hair comment. LOL